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MIDI Split and Freeze Pack

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MIDI Split and Freeze Pack

Heaps Of Bleeps
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This pack gives you all of my MIDI Splitter and MIDI Freeze devices ,for only $12. That's 5 Max for Live devices, a $24 value. It also includes 3 free related devices meant to be used with the included paid devices. Use these devices together to unlock new MDI possibilities in Live. This pack includes:


Sostenuto Freeze Pedal ( )
A sostenuto pedal, a freeze pedal, or a combination of the two.

Dual MIDI Freeze ( )
Freeze 2 separate channels of MIDI and have them interact with each other in interesting ways.

MIDI Splitters

Voice Splitter Pro ( )
Split polyphonic MIDI into up to 16 different monophonic tracks.

Pitch Splitter ( )
Split up your MIDI by pitch. Send each pitch to its own track.

Range Splitter ( )
Split MIDI notes by range. Send each range to its own track.

Free Devices

Heap MIDI Receiver ( )
Receive MIDI notes from my other devices.

Heap MIDI Sender ( )
Send MIDI from different tracks to all of my devices that receive MIDI from a bus.

4 Voice Splitter ( )
Split 4 voices into 4 mono voices, or 16 voices into 4 groups of 4 voices, send each voice or group of voices to its own track.

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