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This Max for Live device splits up MIDI pitches and sends them each out of their own bus. So all of your Cs, C#s, Ds etc. can each be sent to their own bus channel, which can then each be received on its own track. Buses can be received by Ableton's Max MIDI Receiver which comes in the Max 7 Pitch and Time Machines Pack or by my Heap MIDI Receiver ( https://stevieschmidt.gumroad.com/l/VXabQe ). When set to the lowest channel, “out”, that pitch will be sent out of the output of the device, rather than through a bus.

Make each of your notes sound different, or use certain notes to trigger effects. This is also useful for playing microtonal music polyphonically as it allows you to tune each pitch class separately.

It is also compatible with my devices:

Sequential Delay Deluxe https://gum.co/OwDmm

Sequencing Clock Multiplier https://gum.co/COZJj

Sequencing Clock Divider https://gum.co/lUjbP

Floating Clock Multiplier https://gum.co/jvpmV

Integral Clock Divider https://gum.co/PYEAcT 

Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXbOxmWKZyc

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