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This Max for Live device splits up your polyphonic MIDI to allow you to control between 2 and 16 different monophonic devices from a single MIDI track.

Send it polyphonic MIDI and it will split up the voices into up to 16 different buses with one voice per bus. These buses can be set to send MIDI either out of the normal output of the device, or to my Heap MIDI Receiver device. Just put a Heap MIDI Receiver before each monophonic synth you want to use and set the “Bus In” channels on the MIDI Receiver to the same as the corresponding “Bus Out Channels” on the Voice Splitter Pro.

It has two voicing modes, Stay mode and Cycle mode. In “Stay” mode, monophonic notes will be sent through the first bus. The other buses will only be used when more than one voice is held down. In “Cycle” mode, with every new note played the next voice is used, wrapping around to the first voice after all voices are played. This mode can be used as a kind of voice sequencer.

There's a reset button, which resets the sequencer, when you play the next note. Also a “Reset On Stop” toggle which, when on, will automatically reset when you press stop, making it always start sending MIDI on the first bus when you restart the transport.

It can send MIDI to:

Heap MIDI Receiver https://stevieschmidt.gumroad.com/l/VXabQe
Sequential Delay Deluxe https://gum.co/OwDmm
Sequencing Clock Multiplier https://gum.co/COZJj
Sequencing Clock Divider https://gum.co/lUjbP
Floating Clock Multiplier https://gum.co/jvpmV
Integral Clock Divider https://gum.co/PYEAcT

Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeSo1ss1CzE&ab_channel=StevieSchmidt

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