Dual MIDI Freeze

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Dual MIDI Freeze allows you to freeze 2 separate channels of Polyphonic MIDI and interact with them in various ways. All frozen MIDI can be retriggered, muted, or cleared with the buttons on the device, the sustain pedal, or MIDI notes (ons or offs) from the other channel.

The freezing works by holding all overlapping notes together. Once all notes are let go and there is a space, the next played note (or set of overlapping notes) will replace the currently frozen notes.

Your sustain pedal can be used in a variety of different ways. When it's sent to the separate channels it can either be used to add more frozen notes to the already frozen notes (hold mode), or it can be set to trigger, mute or clear the notes on the channel (trig mode). The pedal can also be used to change which channel the notes are sent to.

There's a color coated display that makes it easy to see which notes are held by which channel.

Every parameter has it's own info-text to help you understand what they do.

Compatible with Push.

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