Sequencing Clock Multiplier

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Available at a discount in the Midi Clock Pack:

As the name suggests, this sequencer is run by a clock multiplier. It takes take incoming midi note-ons, times the duration between them and then outputs its sequence at a speed proportional to that duration. The multipier can be set to decimal numbers, whole numbers, or divisions of 2 to give you more odd or even polyrhythms.

You can quantize these poly-rhythms so they're in sync with Ableton. If the sequencer is going faster than the quantization grid it becomes an interesting chord generator. The faster it's going in relationship to the quantization grid, the more notes it plays each beat division. If it is going slower than the quantization grid it will produce interesting euclidean-like single note sequences.

-Transpose the pitches of the sequence with incoming midi notes.

-Freeze the speed of the clock to keep the same poly-rhythmic sequence and re-trigger it at any rate you want.

-Pop up keyboard interface to more musically sequence the pitches of the clocks.

-Use the one-note feature to control different sequencers on the same midi track with different notes (clocks).

-This device is made to work with the Floating Clock Multiplier.

-Built in help file and info text.

This device can be set to receive incoming midi from a midi bus. The buses it is compatible with are the “Max Midi Sender” device (found in the Max 7 Pitch and Time Machines Pack from Ableton's site) or my free slightly modified “Heap Midi Sender” device, which is basically the same but has more channels, can send individual midi notes, and is less user friendly.

demo video:

This device is meant to go with my other devices:

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Sequencing Clock Multiplier

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