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Available at a discount in the Midi Clock Pack:

This sequencer has a built in clock divider which runs on midi note inputs. This allows you to use any rhythm you want (polyphonic too) to run the sequencer. You can also make the pitches you input transpose the pitches it outputs. This device is great for interesting generative rhythms and melodies that can change with the turn of a knob.

This is the final device of the series which includes the Sequencing Clock Multiplier , Floating Clock Multiplier and Integral Clock Divider


Clock Dividers

This 16 step sequencer runs by receiving continuous midi note inputs acting as clock inputs. Depending on the division you set, the sequencer will output a step every so many midi inputs. At a division of one it will play every note, at 4 it will play on the first note, then rest for three notes and repeat. Playing an 8 note chord multiple times will count as a 8 clock ins per chord and will result in 2 steps being played per chord (with the division still set at 4). This division is graphically displayed at the top of the clock divider by the moving white bars. When these bar finish its cycle and moves from far right to far left the sequencer will output.


This device can either receive midi input from the midi track in which it resides or it can receive it from an external midi bus, depending on whether you're using the “Midi In” or the “Bus In” feature. The “Bus In” feature is compatible with Ableton's “Max Midi Sender” device from their Max 7 Pitch and time Machines pack or my free “Heap Midi Sender” device. This device is basically the same but has more channels, is less user friendly, and can send individual notes.

The input doesn't have to be steady which can give you interesting results. You can also set it to receive one note instead of all notes with the “All/One” tab. This way you can control multiple sequencers from the same track. (Hint: Pair this with the Sequencing Clock Multiplier, Floating Clock Multiplier and Integral Clock Divider for maximum fun)

Pitch In

When the pitch in toggle is active, the pitches of the steps are modulated by the pitches of the incoming midi notes.

Reset In

When the reset function is on, you set one note that will reset all of the sequencer and clock divider. On hot mode, this happens immediately, on cold it happens on the next clock in.

Sequencer Controls

Control the amount of steps, phase, offset and direction of the sequence. Quantize the output to Ableton's timeline, and limit the maximum amount of notes it can play at once. Note that this device can only quantize midi backwards so quantized inputs will output one quantized beat division late.

Step Controls

Control of pitch, velocity and duration of individual steps, with global and relative control of velocity and duration.

Pop Out

Access the pop up window by clicking the “Big” button. Use the pop up window to play this device more musically with keyboard interfaces for control of pitch instead of knobs.

For more specific instructions, mouse around the device, there's built in info text about specific parameters.

Push Integration

Parameters automatically map to Push in clearly labelled banks.

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Sequencing Clock Divider

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