Bend Series

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This series of devices allows you to modulate pitch bend in a variety of ways. Chain these devices together in various ways to get complex pitch bend modulation, similar to the way you can process cv in the modular world.

It comes with:

Bend Scale: Bend between any notes you want. ( )

Bend Keys: Send pitch bend information with MIDI notes. ( )

Bend Sequence: Bend through sequences. ( )

Bend Sequence (Microtonal): Bend through microtonal sequences. ( )

Bend Shaper: Fold, wrap and clip your bends with a waveshaper. ( )

Bend Glide: Add glide to pitch bend. ( )

Bend Map: Map any of these modulations to any parameter in Live. ( )

Bend Scope: Visual display for pitch bend. ( )

Bend Offset: Modulate incoming pitch bend with a mappable dial. ( )

Bend Sample and Hold: Sample and hold you pitch bend signals. ( )

Bend Quantizer: Quantize pitchbend to set scales and intervals. ( )

Bend Filter: Filters out either Pitch Bend or MIDI notes. ( )

Demo Videos:

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Bend Series

4 ratings
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