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This Max for Live device is a deluxe version of the Sequential Delay, our first device. This audio effect allows you to sequence the delay of the audio of the left and right inputs with 2 independent 16 step sequencers which can be run internally like a normal sequencer or triggered by MIDI notes to create very customizable delay sequences. No chirps or clicks when switching between delay lengths (unless you want them), and accurate timing when switching between delay lengths. Control of the fade between the steps of the delay. You can create buffer shuffler-like sounds and shape the scrambled audio with the filter section and then feed it back into itself. You can also get some interesting sequenced comb filter effects with the low delay times and high feedback.

Demo Videos:


Synth (midi mode):

Now available in the Delays and Harmonizers pack.

Overview of Features (*=new)

The Sequencer:

-16 steps for each channel.*

-Control of amount of steps, as well as the speed, offset, and phase of the sequencer.

-Control the amount of delay time a unit of 1 on sequencer represents with the “Delay Grid” section. If the delay grid is set to quarter notes (4n), setting a step to 5 will result in a delay time of 5 quarter notes. The delay grid can be set in notes values or millisecond values.

-Forward, backward, palindromic, and random directions.*

-A random fill button to quickly generate new sequences.*

-Hold button to fine tune steps or stop the sequencers.*

-Sequencers can run independently or be linked to either channel.

-More accurate timing.*

MIDI Note Control:*

-Set different MIDI notes to trigger different steps of the sequencers and send it MIDI from any track with either the Heap MIDI Sender or the Max MIDI Sender. Simply set the device to the same channel as the MIDI Senders and they will be linked.*

-Send MIDI from the same track to have it change delay lengths with specific notes of the melody, drums or bass. Or trigger it from a different track to link different parts of your music together, or make more complex independent sequences. *

-Multiple MIDI modes that allow for different amounts of modulation and accuracy.*

-Auto-fill mode for the MIDI section, which allows you to quickly fill in scales without having to manually set every note.*

Updated Feedback/Added Filters:*

-Added low and high cut filters with a dry/wet within the feedback. With feedback off they will be still be applied to the delayed signal.*

-Limiter or clip mode.*

-Now has feedback on/off switch. With feedback off the delay can be set to 0 and doesn't click with 0ms fade time. With feedback on, it can only be set as low as your buffer size, this is because feeding a signal into itself with 0ms delay will cause uncontrollable clipping, note that feeding a signal into itself at buffer size can still create high pitched ringing, comb filter, sounds. The “O Value” parameter makes a value of 0 put out an independent delay time, say 100ms, rather than your buffer size or 0ms, so you can turn this into a musical feature rather than a limitation.

Smoother Fades:*

-Linear and sine fade shapes which give you sharper or smoother fades between steps.*

-MIDI filter that prevents clicks even when controlling with MIDI mode.*

-No chirps or clicks when running normally. (Clicks are still possible if the fade is set to 0 ms or 0% while feedback mode is on, but those are left in for effect)*

-No audio dropouts. Well, the one parameter that can cause audio drop outs is hidden away in the settings pop up (“Maximum Buffer Length”), if you need to change it to fit a delay, for super long delay lengths, your settings button will light up, at which point it's best to mute the track and change it to avoid pops. *

Updated Interface:

-More visually informative user interface.*

-Pop up window for a full display of both sequencers and all parameters at once.*

-Detailed info-text for every parameter.

-MIDI and Settings Pop-Ups.*

Push Compatibility*

Made to work with:

Heap Midi Sender:

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Sequential Delay Deluxe

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