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Monophonic Pitcher

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This is a free monophonic version of the Polyphonic Pitcher. (found here: )

This hybrid midi instrument/audio effect can either be thought of as a midi harmonizer or a keyboard style sampler with continuous live audio input.

Set the audio inputs at the top left of the device and feed it a stream of audio.

Use midi to pitch shift that audio and alter it with basic sampling techniques. You get amplitude, pitch, and filter envelopes, as well as 2 LFOs that can modulate the filter, amplitude, and pitch and can be set to either sync or free running mode.

Full Feature List:

-Input Selector

-Input Channel Selector (less cpu if mono in)

-Multiple pitch-shift qualities. Can be modulated more quickly on low mode, has less artifacts on high mode.

-Input Delay

-Velocity Sensitivity

-Root Note Selector

-Variable pitch bend width


-Latency compensations (midi and audio separate)

-Amplitude Envelope that can be switched off and on.

-Legato Mode

-State Variable Filter (Low/High/Band/Notch)

-Bi-polar Filter envelope.

-Bi-Polar Pitch Envelope

2 LFOs that each have:

-Sine/Pulse/Morphing Triangle (saw down-triangle-saw up)

-Free Running or Sync mode

-Can be scaled (-100%- 100%)

-Separately control the filter, amplitude and pitch modulation with individual polarities.

-Control of phase.

-Control of Pulse width and the shape of the morphing triangle.



Note about latency:

Since this device does live pitch shifting it takes a certain amount of time to analyze the audio before shifting it. The amount of time it takes (the latency) depends on which pitch shifting mode you're using, Lo=512 Med=1024 High=2048 (samples). When you enable latency compensation, to make the harmonized audio in sync with the un-harmonized input audio, live automatically sets the midi latency as well since this is technically a M4L instrument. This will cause the midi to trigger early on playback. This generally isn't noticeable if you're using it as a harmonizer, but if your using it as more of a sampler and midi timing is very important it may be noticeable. Either leave the latency off and deal with the delayed audio output (if you're sampling a long morphing texture over time, a couple ms of delay in the input audio doesn't really matter), or turn the midi latency re-compensation toggle on. The issue with this toggle is that if you're recording live midi in (in a live show for instance) it will double the input MIDI latency. It will however bring it back to the right time when sequencing.

TLDR note about latency:

You have to decide whether perfect sync between dry and wet audio or perfectly accurate midi is most important to you. There's a setting to almost get both on playback, but it will double the latency of incoming midi notes in a live situation. Use lower quality pitch-shifting for less noticeable latency all together.

This device has built in info text as well as a well pop up that can be accessed by clicking on the plug logo on the top right corner.

**Requires Live 10**

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Monophonic Pitcher

5 ratings
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